Choosing New Toilets

I can proudly say that I am quite pleased with the new toilets that have been installed in my bathroom and I am so glad that we went with the design we did in the end. It certainly elevates the overall look and feel of the room and I think that all of the time we took investing it was worth it. I was also pleased that friends and family members came by and let me know that they were quite pleased with our aesthetics. In the future, I will have more confidence in my skills as a DIYer. I also believe that more people should consider it as it was not as difficult as I imagined it would be. In fact, the entire process was a bit fun in the end and I learned a lot.

Toilet picture

Since we had not gone through a project like this at our home ever before, we had to turn to a few friends that were able to help guide us through the process. I understand now that selecting the best toilet for your bathroom can be a bigger issue for those people that are not used to making these decisions. And before you get started, I would advise anyone to brush up on the basics to plumbing so that you won’t encounter any surprises that may end up costing you an arm and a leg. Changing a toilet may seem like a job that is utterly thankless, but at the end of the day, your life will much easier since you will have the satisfaction of knowing it was installed by you. Here are the basics to selecting new toilets.


Selecting the right Height for Your toilet


They come in more than one height unbeknownst to some people and if you are shorter or taller than the average person, this should be taken into consideration. For the most part, the majority of toilets will work for most households.


Dual-Flush vs. Other Toilet Models



There are more types of toilets on the market these days and that means you can purchase a toilet that uses even less water than ever before. If you are replacing an older toilet, you should consider buying a new dual-flush option that will save you money long-term. They may cost more in the beginning, but from the reviews I have gone over, they are able to cover their costs in less than a year. I have had several friends suggest them to us and I feel like they are the best option for most homes these days.


One-Piece Toilet vs. Two-Piece toilet

White toilet picture

This is another option that must be considered and it really comes down to your personal preference. One-piece toilets compared to two-piece toilets are much easier to clean, but they both have a sleek profile and this is why it all comes down to aesthetics for many people. I think that most people are fine either way, but I suggest checking out a few before you decide on the right one for your household.

Replacing Toilets

The time has finally come to replace all of the toilets that we currently have installed in our hotel as we have made the decision to upgrade all around. After consulting with other hotels and experts, we knew that it would be the best time and the money we are going to save will definitely be worth it in the long run. Of course, we had to have a few consultations to figure out which options were the best to invest in and we plan to conduct a round of discussions before we narrow down the contenders. We have opted for dual flush toilets for replacements because they are more durable and are sure to pay for themselves in only a few years. That is why I stress that people should really research as much as possible before making a final selection.


We were looking at more than a few models and that included the best camping toilet reviews that were available today, so we were instructed to check out a few sites, including a comprehensive search for the most comfortable toilet seat because we want luxury for our guests. These toilets are the best for those that are looking towards reducing the environmental footprint they leave on the world without having to sacrifice convenience or hygiene. I love the fact that we can select exactly the amount per flush. That being said, it still all comes down to selecting and then investing in the proper dual flush toilet for the hotel. We don’t want to waste any time on models that are less than superior since that would mean actually wasting water which defeats the purpose altogether.


We are only searching for the best commodes to complement the bathrooms in our hotel accommodations. These are the most popular toilets currently for those that want to reduce the water they use daily and decide how to flush for water and solid waste. The following are the best options that we were able to narrow down the field to.



American Standard H20 Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard H20 Dual


Featuring a system that runs between 1.0 and 1.6 gallons per flush for liquid and solid waste, this toilet has enhancements by the Siphonic system that produces pressurized flushing action. The push buttons on top are chrome plated and is certified by Water Sense. I love that the toilet has been tested 100% before they leave the factory and comes with a warranty of 5 years for more security. Although some users note that it is not ADA compliant, it ticks off all the boxes for a great dual flush toilet.


Toto Washlet Toilet

Toto Washlet

For those that prefer a skirted toilet that comes with a bidet, this Toto model can boast being one of the very few in the industry that complies by all requirements by the ADA. Users love the flushing mechanism as it is automatic and the technology here is top tier. We have workers that are in charge of cleaning the toilets on a daily basis and what really helps with these models is the fact that they stay cleaner longer and that means less cleaning time necessary per room. The lid opens and closes automatically thanks to trigger action and we noted that the heated seat and the bidet are a bonus, with the latter adjustable for temperature and direction. All of these functions can be executed with a wireless remote.


Kohler Wellworth Dual Flush

Kohler Wellworth Dual Flush

I know that there are some people out there that don’t have as much space in their bathrooms as others, and this Kohler Wellworth toilet does not require as much floor space compared to elongated toilets, making it ideal for powder rooms and small bathrooms. Although some users may not like that it is a bit smaller, that does not mean you have to compromise on efficiency. It boasts a flush system that is ranked as Class 5 and you can be sure that it is able to remove large solid waste in a single flush. Plus, it meets all specifications of EPA WaterSense. You may pay a bit more with this model compared to others, but premium quality is what you will get with this dual flush model.

Fall Asleep Quickly

For those that have it hard to fall asleep when they are somewhere new, they are more aware of how important it is to be well rested when on vacation. Over the years, I have always had a rough time of it when trying to sleep on the road and I am constantly asking others on how they go about it. My friends have been able to give me a few suggestions and I am at liberty to share them with others whenever they ask.


Everyone wants a good upgrade wherever they can get it, and that extends to having nice mattresses and pillows at hotels wherever we stay. I am a believer in having great sleeping patterns and that is why I think looking for solutions is always the best way to get over the struggle. Studies have shown that sleeping properly can make you feel good across the board – mind, body and spirit. I have always been jealous of those people that can fall asleep instantly. But I have been living long enough to know that there are many others that have lots of trouble falling or staying asleep during the night. If you don’t have proper sleep, you might find that over time that it affects the brain and the body, including memory, learning, emotions, mood, and other biological functions. Here are some things that you can do to fall asleep better.


Lowering the Temperature of the Room

Thermostat picture

When you are sleeping, the temperature of the body changes and can increase in your feet and hands by about two to three degrees. If your room is too hot, you will have a harder time getting any sleep. Try setting the thermostat between 60 to 75 degrees. It is amazing what only a few degrees can do to your sleeping patterns.


Breathing Methods


I have heard of the 4-7-8 method working for many people as it is an impressive breathing approach that helps to promote relaxation and calmness. I know that some people claim that it helps them unwind right before going to sleep. The 4-7-8 method has been shown to relax your nervous system while sleeping, and plus it can be practiced at any time if you are feeling stressed out or anxious.


Maintaining a Schedule

Woman sleeping

You work certain hours every day, so why not making a pattern for sleeping? Our bodies have a regulatory system known as the circadian rhythm and this internal clock can really make an impact and how we function and feel on a daily basis. I have read many studies that indicate 7 to 9 hours a night of sleep suffices and has been deemed optimal for adults. I personally prefer to give myself about an hour before bedtime to unwind and relax.


Get the daylight


If you get enough daylight, you may find that it helps you sleep better at night. Darkness has also been shown to promote the production of one of the most essential hormones for sleeping, melatonin.