1. Do not rely on large publicity, we should attach importance to the user's reputation

Can make Xingda to occupy the market, is a "honest" word, valet to honesty, is honest, honest, sincere, and customers to establish mutual respect and fair cooperation in order to expand their sales network, No matter how the project to participate in the auction, Xingda people do not take careless, lucky heart, not the success or failure as a result, but carefully for the customer to design the mall set, to provide customers planning content, to develop a careful project Budget, for a more comprehensive understanding of customers Xingda design strength and production capacity, especially now the trend of the world, the store continued to the development of personalized today, the design requirements more difficult, Xingda people as patiently for customer service, and strive to Make the design better.

2. Do not seek the maximum, but for better, modest, honest, Xingda is the character
False honor can be used in exchange for money, but the real good product is to rely on efforts to create. Xingda people in the history of the river to explore forward, our belief is: not the largest, but for better.

3. not worthy of vanity, emphasis on truth-seeking

We are not with the luxury than the luxury, we cherish bit by bit of resources, because they come from the customer: "wool out of the body", especially in the publicity, not grandstanding, rather low-key, practical. Xingda valuable place is to focus on truth-seeking, truth-seeking.

4. Use limited resources to improve quality

Quality is the life of the enterprise, only the quality of the guarantee, in order to win the trust of customers. It never relies on exaggerated propaganda, not keen on fratricidal advertising war, but not very limited resources used in product quality investment, in order to achieve excellence.