Vigorously improve the product packaging on the shelf effect

Release time:2017-06-18       

With the large-scale super-selected shopping malls, even stores, stores have appeared, the form of merchandise sales also changed. Commodity packaging in the transmission of information content at the same time, it is also playing a silent salesman advertising role. In the hearts of customers, to strengthen the customer's trademark and corporate impressions, improve visibility and credibility, is to establish a market image, establish a powerful means of brand effect. Modern packaging design performance on the shelf display language effect, is a measure of whether the packaging design is excellent and a balance. Uniform visual identification of product packaging in the market to identify strong, impressed by the consumer, is conducive to improving the brand image and commodity visibility, a good brand image for the packaging design provides a good display space, but also conducive to the enterprise Brand image is recognized by customers. At present, the international popular packaging on the shelf in a variety of forms, there are easy to store the vacuum packaging, easy to use portable, easy to open and so on.

Quanzhou shelf but the general requirement is through the packaging feel the real product, and try to show the quality of goods and show the most beautiful side. Therefore, the packaging design according to the modern packaging trend, as far as possible to show it. Design direction is to shape, color, text and other art forms, highlighting the characteristics of the product and the image of this series of packaging, transmission of product beliefs. Emphasizing the overall design, emphasizing the overall appearance of commodity groups to meet the needs of the international market. Therefore, the momentum, distinctive, the overall sense of strong, in the general shopping malls, supermarket shelves, serial packaging large area to occupy the exhibition space, resulting in overwhelming the impact of other commodities. Series of packaging presented by the group of the United States, the rules of the United States and a strong message to convey, is conducive to competition with other products. Packaging design designed to attract customers, the design direction is to shape, color, text and other art forms, highlighting the characteristics and image of the product, transmission of product beliefs.

In the brand strategy planning, packaging design by the unified brand, unified color, unified layout and personality of the shape, reflects the overall product product visual transmission advantages, so that corporate brand image in visual performance has a distinctive iconic, is Enterprises create an effective way different from other image brands. Many of the international enterprise product packaging on the shelf completely brand logo as the main design language, highlight the brand logo, eye-catching, impressive, such as Coca-Cola beverage packaging, simple and strong impact of red and white color, smooth Lively font and graphics neat and generous, Quanzhou shelf in the passion and enthusiasm of the metaphor, impressive. Due to distinctive characteristics, appear on the shelves to set, so that consumers can immediately identify their mark and name, so as to achieve a deep impression, remember the effect of prison, to avoid the design of their own political, different styles, not linked to each other Effects and other shortcomings. Thus creating a strong corporate or brand image, in the eyes of the public and consumers, among competitors to find a gap between the demand or quality differences, the formation of a bright, strong impact effect, showing the unique charm of goods, and other Compared to similar varieties, shelf effects and impressions enough to make consumers have a deep memory, so that products have unique charm. This also further illustrates the visual effects of commodity shelves, is to stimulate the customer to buy and promote the rearing of the main means of sales of goods, so that goods maintain a strong vitality. Is a powerful weapon to promote the goods to please consumers to capture the market.

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