How to improve the competitiveness of the storage shelves industry

Release time:2017-06-18       

Modern logistics technology development, research, design, production and installation of professional companies, with strong technical force and product development capabilities, advanced production equipment, mature production technology, and improve the quality assurance system; with the modern warehousing logistics Industry development, people for the modern logistics to provide value-added services have a deeper understanding. As the logistics part of the basic storage equipment - shelves, will follow the trend of the times, mainly in the following two aspects of development: First, the shelves enterprises not only provide storage Quanzhou shelf products, will provide a series of overall storage solutions Direction of development. Modern warehousing and logistics industry requires the use of modern technology, means to improve the efficiency of logistics, which requires shelves enterprises not only provide shelves products, to stand in the user's point of view, with professional technology to provide the appropriate storage solutions. This has become a service to provide value-added services to customers, in the fierce competition in the market, who can create greater customer value, who will be more likely to win.

Shelf business at the beginning of the time, is to provide shelves products, and then, customers will be asked how to use the shelf problem. So the shelves are required to provide shelves of the layout and design. However, after the use of shelves in customers, although the solution to the storage problem, but also face a series of warehouse management problems, which hope that the shelves to provide a set of enterprises, including shelf labels, bar code scanning, warehouse management software and a series of warehouse operations as a whole to solve Program, which will become a shelf enterprise bigger and stronger a development direction. Is the shelf enterprises to go to a larger scale of the direction of development, from product standardization, new product research and development to scale to reduce production costs. In the fierce price competition, companies must reduce costs, and Quanzhou shelf cost 70% are steel, you can save the processing fee space is very small, only continue to strengthen product development, through the full savings of materials to develop new product model, and through Product standardization, reduce manufacturing costs. Moreover, the proportion of fixed costs in the cost of the factory is high, and the cost can only be more costly in the case of increasing the amount. Therefore, the production and standardization of production will be the main direction of the comprehensive competitiveness of the shelf manufacturers.