When storage shelves use, should pay attention to what security issues

Release time:2017-06-18       

With the continuous improvement of efficiency and storage rate, the shelves have penetrated into the development of various industries and become a part of the production process can not be ignored, which also makes the shelf security issues can not be ignored management work. In addition to the subjective to improve the use of warehouse shelves their own security awareness, how to improve the safety of the use of personnel awareness?

1, anti-overload: the weight of each store shall not exceed the maximum load shelf design.
2, anti-ultra-high width: shelf height, layer width has been limited, card board and the size of the goods should be slightly smaller than the net space 100mm.
3, anti-impact: forklift in the running process, should try to lightly put.
4, defensive foot heavy: should do high-level light cargo, the bottom of the principle of heavy cargo.
5, to prevent the use of non-standard plastic tray or steel tray in the use of shelves, Chuanzi at the end of the most suitable.
6, shelves placed above the goods, the operator try not to directly into the bottom of the shelf.
And in the use of storage shelves, if found in the shelves of the beams and columns have serious damage, should promptly notify the shelf manufacturers to replace. So as to avoid accidents.