How to plan heavy shelf dimensions?

Release time:2017-06-18       

Heavy-duty shelves are made of main sub-frame and beams of simple shelves, according to the load-bearing and import and export methods can be divided into different types of shelves, into the shelves and so on. One of the beam-type shelves is its economic, durable and other advantages of access to many customers trust, storage shelves as the preferred product. Hengchang shelf factory customer service department staff will often receive the customer's telephones consultation, ask the shelf size problem, and this article is to share with you how to design heavy-duty beam shelf size, so as to solve the customer for the beam shelf the most basic problem.

Tray size: 1200mm * 1000mm, of which 1200 for the fork direction;
Cargo load: 1T / tray (two pallets per layer)
Cargo height: 1100mm (including the height of the tray, the need to plan three layers, that is, three layers of four layers of goods)

(1) Based on the above information, the length of the crossbar required for the shelf is calculated according to the size of the tray. The length of the two trays is the gap between the pallet and the pallet and between the pallet and the shelf. Our standard is 100, that is, 1200 * 2 +300 = 2700, and the calculation of the 2700 is the size of the shelf;

(2) According to the calculated length of the beam, each layer of load-bearing calculation of the necessary materials, that is, 120 of the beam;

(3) cargo height 1100, between each beam and the need to stay between the safety distance of 150 (safe fork distance), that is 1250 * 3, while the top of the goods usually stay 500 can be based on this can be calculated shelf height of 1250 * 3 + 120 (beam height) * 3 +500 = 4610, usually column spacing of 75 holes, so the column height of 4800H.

(4) the depth of the tray direction of 1000, and in the design we usually reduce the 100, so as to facilitate the normal delivery of goods on the shelves;

, You can calculate the size of heavy-duty beam shelf: 2700L * 900D * 4800H;