Different types of shelves are connected

Release time:2017-06-18       

Medium-sized shelf installation:
1. Erect a column, insert the two beams at the bottom of the diamond-shaped hole to align.
2. Rewind the other column and insert the crossbar in step 1 for attention.
3. In accordance with the above insert method, the rest of the beams in accordance with the required level in turn inserted into the attention of alignment.
4. Place the laminates in turn on the P-beam.

Installation of heavy-duty shelves:
1. First, the horizontal pull (cross), cable (bracing) with screws installed in the column.
2. Assemble the two pillars (a pillar piece = two columns a few horizontal pull a few cable-stayed) erected on the ground.
3. Two pieces of the distance from the column to adjust the length of the beam after the beam can be installed. The following are the same as the "
4. Install the sub-frame when the first column is installed, and then put the column from the main frame of the column side of the distance from the column to adjust the length of the beam can be installed after the beam.

Installation method of cantilevered shelves
1. Special profiles to do the base, the two C-beam back to the back with the connection plate welded together. The width of the connecting plate is the width of the column.
2. Two pieces of C-shaped steel welding is completed in the connection column position to open the bolt bolt, easy to connect with the column.
3. Edge welding connection to the floor, easy to expand the bolt and ground connection.